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Terralogix applies deep technology to solve complex problems.

About Terralogix

Terralogix has identified an inexorable process to identify, assess and unlock latent value amounting to £billions in vast tracks of land globally on behalf of its clients.

The Company has launched its first project - Terra Adriatica, in the Republic of Croatia where land totalling an estimated potential value of €5 billion has unclear title and is therefore currently economically unviable.


The Problem

For historical and practical reasons, vast quantities of land globally cannot be used or sold due to seemingly intractable complications concerning legal title. 

These complications arise in countries that have experienced political and revolutionary turmoil resulting in mass migration combined with traditional attitudes on gender inequality now wholly incompatible with existing EU and international law.

Establishing clear title to release value has until now been regarded as too complex and therefore too costly due to a number of reasons including:


  • Extreme difficulty in reconciling different land registries.

  • Multiple owners of land unable to agree their allocation.

  • The inability to trace owners, many of whom have left the country.

  • Difficulty in tracing relatives of deceased owners.

  • The complexity and cost of navigating the legal system to establish clear title.

The Problem

The Solution

Using a range of advanced technology and Process Automation, the Terralogix platform facilitates:


  • The identification and categorisation of land from multiple, conflicting sources.

  • The identification of and communication with claimants to that land worldwide.

  • An inexorable legal process to establish clean title at no upfront fee to the owner.

  • An online marketplace through which 3rd party investors can cover the legal cost of obtaining clean title in return for asset backed yields.

The Solution

Our Technology

Terralogix provides an end-to-end platform using a range of technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation and Process Automation to:


  • solve highly complex issues pertaining to the identification and assessment of vast tracks of land without clear title and  

  • to provide an inexorable process that secures tenure over that land.

Our Technology
Products and Services
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Individuals use the Terralogix Search Engine to query what land rights are registered in their name.

The platform provides an accurate, redacted report outlining the general size and location of the land as well as the number of others with a claim of joint ownership.

Products & Services

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Users unlock a full report listing the exact location, their percentage ownership, the names of other claimants.


It also provides a detailed assessment on the individual’s realistic prospects of achieving clean title of that land independently Vs via the Terralogix platform.

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Terralogix matches individual and / or groups of landowners with investors via an online platform to cover the cost of establishing clean title at zero upfront cost / risk to the landowner.


Each stakeholder will have a fully transparent, real-time overview of the process via a detailed user interface.

Meet the Team

Arthur Hughes
CEO & Chairman
Davor Lauc
Chief Data Scientist
Anthony Johnson
Managing Director
Geoff Mayhill
Director & Corp. Governance
Julian Kelly
Group Finance Director
Ivan Gotovac
Senior Advisor
Andro Cecuk
Methodology & Modelling


Meet the Team

Contact Details

UK Headquarters:

Audley House,
12 Margaret Street,
London W1W 8RH

Croatian Headquarters:

TRG N.Š.Zrinskog 14, Zagreb, Croatia

Split Offices:

Trg Franje Tuđmana 3, 21000, Split, Croatia

Sydney Offices:

33-39 Riley Street,
NSW 2011, Sydney
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